Conference Topics

We welcome proposals for papers addressing diverse issues within the general theme of the Conference in the following fields:

  1. Economic science versus contemporary socio-economic challenges
  2. Economic demography and migrations
  3. (In)compatibility between education and labour market needs
  4. Welfare economy and socio-economic inequalities
  5. Foreign investments and domestic economic potentials in South Eastern European countries
  6. Market challenges for companies in South Eastern European countries
  7. Financing local development
  8. Challenges facing business and public finance in the (post)recession period
  9. Recent trends in financial markets and financial modelling challenges
  10. Accounting’s contribution to achieving organization goals
  11. Importance of auditing in the fight against fraud and corruption
  12. Entrepreneurship responses to the contemporary socio-economic challenges
  13. The role of contemporary management in building competitiveness
  14. Information society